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Retail of food and household goods

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Foodstuffs first choice, together with fruits and vegetables selected, articles of Haberdashery and a well-stocked one Bazaar are just some of the many consumer goods offered at In Putia Nova di Messina. Here you will find a cozy restaurant and the typical courtesy of traditional dishes workshops under the house.


Groceries, Fruit and Vegetables of 1 ° choice, Bazaar and Haberdashery: the MiniMarket in Messina that has everything

Say that In Putia Nova sells Foodstuffs and articles of Haberdashery it is an understatement: A Putia Nova a Messina it's delicious minimarket family run born in 1939, where you will find a well-stocked Bazaar, consumer goods for the home such as cylinders of gas and traditional products. In addition to a very large supply of basic necessities and foodstuffs, In Putia Nova offers a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables, raw materials of first choice, Christmas baskets e Rovagnati products. In addition, the Minimarket and also Agip Gas Authorized Dealer for the cylinders. The kindness and availability here are at home and handed down from nonna al nephew, which today manages the store with the same courtesy.


Fully stocked bazaar with haberdashery and all kinds of food items

I foodstuffs certainly represent the sector for which this Convenience store it is very appreciated by the customers: here all the foodstuffs they are fresh, genuine and carefully selected. Unlike the big ones supermarkets, here you will find the traditional customer care, typical of the traditional shops. The added value of the place is given by its mixed nature of Bazaar e Food shop, combined with the numerous articles of Haberdashery. The sector Haberdashery and Bazaar they are not, in fact, less supplied than other sectors: buttons, zips, fabrics and fabrics, tools and much more are here assorted to meet the multiple needs of customers. Anyone, from the occasional customer to the affectionate customer, perceives within this Minimarket a warm and hospitable atmosphere, made even more welcoming by the colors of the many foodstuffs, fruit e vegetables made available to you. Specialists of Counter sales and retail, we deliver the goods too Home.


  • Address: Via Fontana, 52 - Mili S. Pietro
  • City: Messina
  • POSTAL CODE: 98133
  • Region: ME
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy

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