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From 1989 we create customized solutions for your home

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Edil Porta Viale Brigade Bisagno 13 in Genoa and Via San Giovanni D'Acrì, 19r in Cornigliano is a company that deals with the marketing of Fixtures and blinds and it's Authorized FINSTRAL dealer.

Fixtures and Windows FINSTRAL Edil Porta in Genoa - Security

Windows are part of our daily life. In the morning, when we first look out, to observe the sky and the road, to understand what time ago, and in the evening, when we close the tents. Open the windows, breathe deeply ... and then close them again so as not to let the cold enter. To rejoice in the rays of the sun that warm the skin and the rain that beats against the glass. Do not be afraid of thieves because you are sure you can trust your windows FINSTRAL.

Finishing Doors and Windows FINSTRAL Edil Porta in Genoa - Custom Solutions

These thoughts - the desire for protection, a comfortable environment, warmth and tranquility within your home - are known to all. That's why replacing the old one window with a new one "FINSTRAL" window improves living comfort by making life more pleasant. Infinite possibilities for space, large glazed surfaces, customized solutions, attention to detail, FINSTRAL, Thanks to your authorized reseller Edil Porta a Genoa , offers many choices. When renovating a home, it is always important to consider which windows and doors should be chosen, and our consultancy service helps the client to find the best solution for his needs.

Finishing Doors and Windows FINSTRAL Edil Porta in Genoa - Wide Range of Products

We have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of products from the most classic window to the most innovative window like the FIN PROJECT Core in PVC with aluminum coating available in several colors with satin or embossed finish, high thermal insulation, essential aesthetics with coplanar profiles. FIN PROJECT CRISTAL GLASS is protagonist from minimal design with the glass door CRYSTAL, Glass door with enamelled edges and FINSTRAL Provides a check-up kit for the windows you can pick up at our showroom Edil Porta a Genoa .

Fixtures and Windows FINSTRAL Edil Porta in Genoa - Safety and Quality

The kit consists of a small box containing simple tools with instructions. In just 10 minutes everyone is able to determine if their windows still reflect the current ones safety and quality standards. Thanks to simple tools this test provides a realistic picture of the status of a window - and doing it is also fun! We are waiting for you Edil Porta a Genoa , Authorized Reseller, For personalized advice on replacement of old windows with new fixtures FINSTRAL.


  • Address: Viale Brigata Bisagno, 10 Black
  • Headquarters 2: Via San Giovanni D'Acrì, 13-19 Red - Cornigliano
  • City: Genoa
  • POSTAL CODE: 16129
  • Region: GE
  • Region: Liguria
  • Country: Italy


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