"Le Nostre Bontà" Minimarket - Spadafora

The courtesy of the small shops.

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"Le Nostre Bontà" Minimarket is a grocery store located at Spadafora which represents a very successful example of a small shop characterized by constant customer assistance. It commercializes all the products necessary for the home and for the daily shopping.

Minimarket "Our Goodness" - Courtesy and Convenience in your Shop of trust

Il "Le Nostre Bontà" Minimarket di Spadafora, Messina, it differs greatly from large supermarkets or from the famous food retail chains that we are used to. Indeed, this food shop it fits into an ancient tradition keeping intact the typical characteristics of small neighborhood shops, where traditionally courtesy, big smiles and perennial availability to customers represent an added value. All this, along with frequent promotions, will make this convenience store a family presence in your daily life.

Minimarket "Our Goodness" - Convenience and Courtesy

"Le Nostre Bontà" Minimarket is the point of reference Spadafora for the sale of household products and foodstuffs. The most obvious and appreciated feature of the place, in addition to continuous offers and promotions, is the fact of presenting itself as a small shop with friendly staff, available and always at your disposal to help you find the products that best suit your needs.

"Our Goodness" - Like a shop in the house

Il Minimarket "Our Goodness"offers a wide range of foods, products and essential ingredients for our daily life. Our Goodness has now become a familiar and reliable presence for all its customers. Among the numerous products in the catalog, it is possible to find: detergents, Pasta, biscuits, cleaning products and personal hygiene, body products, milk, eggs and many other essential products.

Minimarket "Our Goodness" Spadafora - Promotions throughout the year

Essential ingredients for the kitchen, cleaning products e alimony represent the main core of the products marketed at "Our goodness"But not only, here you will find many products for the home, for the body and for personal hygiene, like shampoo, bubble bath, balsam, soap and so on. The continuous offers available, together with the courtesy and availability of the owners, are one more reason to choose this convenience store. Here you will find everything you need for your daily needs and personal friend.


  • Address: Via Vittorio Emanuele III, 50
  • City: Spadafora
  • POSTAL CODE: 98048
  • Region: ME
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy


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