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Italian Jewellery: Design & Glamour Made in Italy

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unoaerre, to Arezzo, It is one of the leading companies in the world specializing in the production, distribution and export of products goldsmith's. With Goldsmith creations di high JewelryIn Italy, it is also the market leader brand of Wedding rings. Discover Unoaerre: 1926 from the Italian jewelery in the world.

Italian jewelry Unoaerre in Arezzo - Leaders in the international market dell'Oreficeria

goldsmith's e Unoaerre Jewellery It was born on March 15 1926 to Arezzo, from Carlo Zucchi e Leopoldo Gori, The two "founding fathers" of the first jewelery company in the city. In over 90 years, several generations of goldsmiths, technicians, teachers, and artists have built and developed an economic reality in the field, still unique in the world today. There is practically no country in the world, which are not reached by the Goldsmith creations di unoaerre, Among which the Wedding rings. Furthermore, unoaerre got the ACCREDIA certification for performing analysis of gold alloys title according to internationally recognized standards. Today unoaerre It has a product distribution Italian gold and jewelery 40 in over countries worldwide, and direct operations in France and Japan and with its Goldsmith creations is a name of excellence Made in Italy.

Goldsmith Unoaerre in Arezzo - Alta Italian Jewellery

Italian Gold Jewellery Unoaerre is Creativity, Design, Perfection, Quality. The development of Goldsmith creations born on the farm, to Arezzo, Thanks to a team of professionals that follows all the creative and production process. From the merger and harmonious combination of the most precious metals and by the expert hand of man are born Goldsmith creations of outstanding elegance and refinement characteristics that determine one Italian style, glamor and craftsmanship that makes the jewel of the object of desire exposed in shop windows around the world. From the history of 'goldsmith's and the experience of stylistic unoaerre also born classic and elegant jewelry in brass and silver alloy, covered with precious stones and gilding. In addition, from the world of fashion or trends arising from the current collections 1AR by Unoaerre: Goldsmith creations which combine modern designs and trendy with great mastery of goldsmith 'High Italian Goldsmith.

Goldsmith Unoaerre in Arezzo - Goldsmith Creations

Goldsmith and Jewellery Unoaerre Today is also a leader in the production of brass chains and accessories for fashion, accessory and jewelery, and among its customer base includes the most prestigious names in national and international fashion using these products for finishing and completion of its accessories, such as handbags, shoes, clothing. In Italy, unoaerre is, also, the true point of reference for the Wedding rings. Not simple rings, but symbols of eternal love promises that for over 90 years accompanying the loving couples in their life together. There unoaerre di Arezzo It appears as one of the most dynamic and cutting edge Italian goldsmith reality for both the production of Goldsmith creationsHigh Jewellery, Both for the distribution of these in the world, giving a strong push to Made in Italy all over the world.

Italian jewelry Unoaerre in Arezzo - Goldsmith from 1926

Italian Gold Jewellery unoaerre, to Arezzo, Is a worldwide brand of excellence Made in Italy. Thanks to the perfect union of goldsmiths wisdom and attention to trends, unoaerre It stands for the synthesis of glamor and craftsmanship that characterizes all its collections Jewelry and Goldsmith Creations. In Italy and abroad, Italian Gold Jewellery unoaerre It is the perfect example of Italian company able to meet market demands while maintaining high the values ​​of Quality and Perfection. Discover now all the creativity of Unoaerre: Italian Gold Jewellery from 1926.


  • Address: Loc. San Zeno Strada E n. 5
  • City: Arezzo
  • POSTAL CODE: 52100
  • Region: AR
  • Region: Tuscany
  • Country: Italy


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