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Hairdressers in the Historic Center di Genoa with a holder who is a real artist ready to give brightness and style to yours hair: this is "Willy's Art"The show manager, graduate ofLigustica Academy of Fine Arts, was born as a Painter, Photographer and Master of Arts and then became hair stylist and bring all his talent and creativity to this field.

Hairdressers in the Historic Center of Genoa: "Willy's Art" sculpts your look

Hairdresser in the historic center di Genoa with a background and extensive training in artistic field, the holder of "Willy's Art"it's a real one artist complete that, thanks to the advanced training received in the field of Fine Arts, leads into the world of Hairstylists very high artistic skills and puts them at the service of beauty of your hair. They are just the hair to represent for this artist the raw material to work, sculpt, structure, deconstruct and color. Customize the look of each customer following his physical and morphological characteristics, sometimes enhancing the "defect" turning it into "strong point", is the creative originality of this talented Hairdresser. After years of art schools, for about twenty years he has transported all his arts and his creativity into the colors, in the forms and volumes in your living room: "Willy's Art Hairdressers"Is located in the heart of Genoa a few steps from the Cathedral of San Lorenzo.

Hairdressers in the Historic Center of Genoa: Willy's Art is the artist close to the Cathedral of San Lorenzo

Hairdressers in the historic center of Genoa for women and men, "Willy's Art", thanks to the Passion forHair Care and the continuous search for the best products for the of Hair Care and Quality Color and highly performing, it ensures excellent results to improve your image giving you an extremely current look that reflects your personality. Even the look of the man in our salon is always the top, even in the innovative haircuts with the "Razor Fade" nuance, with special decorations created by the razor. The main objective of Willy's Art, in Genoa, is to create a unique look for each customer, enhancing the individual morphological characteristics of the face and the natural structure of the foliage with a harmony of exclusive cut and color and highly personalized and the ease of managing them even at home.

The Care of the Hair in the historical center of Genoa - Willy's Art will make your hair shine

To define Willy's Art un Hairdresser for Women and Men it is extremely simplistic, considering the high creative skills poured into this sector by the talented owner. In addition to creativity, moreover, here particular attention is paid to the healthy skin because it's from one healthy skin that is born a hair beautiful, strong and bright. Every chemical or stylistic treatment pursues this goal. We protect the hair before, during and after each service coloration, permanent ripple o ironing. For this, the room uses the top of the products, the most innovative and avant-garde, proposed by us even before others know the benefits, because we are always a step forward in the knowledge and study ofHair Care. Treatments of reconstruction of the hair to the keratin represent another strong point of the salon, each treatment makes the hair perfectly rebuilt and renovated.

Willy's Art Hairdressers: Coloring, Direct Pigments and High Fashion for Hairstyles

The products used for the hair coloring as for health, brilliance and estate they are simply the best. As well as i pigments direct to play with bolder colors and which have also proved to be the most enduring of all the brands in circulation. All without Ammonia and patented, they are rich in lipids that help to get one magical fashion coloring so bright that it will leave anyone dumbfounded. Absolutely cutting edge also in the Fashion sector, every year there are many updates that the owner and the staff do to confirm their primacy. Willy participated in the Colorzoom of Berlin, Stockholm and Vienna; the staff took part in courses High Fashion on hairstyles more current, suitable for both brides young people who do not want too elaborate structures that alle brides instead they love to play with more complicated volumes, shapes and sinuosities. THE cuts they are always up-to-date thanks to constant training courses in Milan and London that give the opportunity to get to know the collections of world designers and bring them to a preview at the show.


  • Address: Via Scurreria, 23R
  • City: Genoa
  • POSTAL CODE: 16123
  • Region: GE
  • Region: Liguria
  • Country: Italy


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