Gourmet Pastry Panaria Pizzeria

All the aromas of Sicilian Gastronomy.

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Panaria pastry, gourmet pizzeria, bakery e cafeteria which offers all the "colors" food of the local specialties.


Pasticceria Panaria and Pizzeria Gourmet in Messina: the unmistakable flavors of the past and of Italian innovation

Panaria pastry e Gourmet Pizzeria first level offers a wide rose of typical gastronomic specialties. The company stands out for the use of local ingredients e crafts of excellent quality. Only these elements, in fact, can make thetaste experience promoted by bakery. An authentic treasure chest of desserts, types of bread e pizzas for every palate. In particular, how Pizzeria gourmet, the company offers a varied menu that is characterized by the uniqueness with which they are combined doughs e condiments selected.


Panaria Pastry, Gourmet Pizzeria, Hot Table: in Messina, all the colors of Sicilian gastronomy

Panaria pastry, Gourmet Pizzeria, bakery e cafeteria it is an authentic temple of genuineness. Born the 6 July of 2019, the company is the fruit of the passion for the bread-making and for gastronomy. La individual company is managed by the sole owner, Pasquale, who, in collaboration with his staff, dedicates to his customers all his energy and hard work in gastronomic sector. As panaria pastry, the team does not miss its daily patrons i typical sweets of our land. piparelli, nzuddi, almond paste, donuts, sesamini e cannoli they will brighten up your breaks accompanied by a good coffee. You can also find cut cakes, cookies al XNUMX/XNUMX cup salted butter e cookies di Naples.


Panaria pastry and Gourmet Pizzeria between tradition and innovation

In addition to the wide range of panaria pastry traditional, as Gourmet Pizzeria high-level, the venue gives full rein to its own culinary fantasy. The use of crafts echoes to food pairings Unusual. The objective of Pasquale and his staff, in fact, is both to make their customers feel at home and to surprise them with unexpected taste explosions. In addition to the gourmet, are present pizzas by the meter e trousers made with various doughs. The bread he is not a second-rate protagonist. It is prepared with different types of flour, including that ai cereals, whole grain and tumminia.


Panaria pastry and gourmet pizzeria that supports good food

Besides being specialized in the realization of sweets area of panaria pastry local, this Gourmet Pizzeria di Messina prepares rustic succulent. Arancini, San Daniele, crushed, pidoni e mozzarella in the carriage represent our inevitable products of Street Food local. The bakery aims to make the typical gastronomy not just the c that makes us feel at home, but also a sector that can open up new frontiers in theculinary innovation.


  • Country: Italy

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