Prepared meat and skewers - La Piccola Macelleria

All the nuances of authenticity in fresh and artisanal meats.

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Skewers prepared in an artisanal way with genuine meats e fresh ingredients, tasty meat preparations, cold cuts precious and cheese typical Sicilians are some of the many delicacies that await you at The Little Butcher a Messina.


Prepared Meat and Artisan Skewers: The Little Butcher is the kingdom of meat lovers in Messina

The Little Butcher is the place dedicated to the artisan preparation of delicious meat preparations, skewers hamburger which are added to cuts of meat first choice. Here you will find minced di first choice, used by experts butchers of the center to make gods meat preparations tasty in the name of the purest authenticity. The assortment of gastronomic preparations ranges here from fresh meat of certified quality up to cheeses, to get to spiritartisanal cooked, raw and seasoned cold cuts. An attentive and caring staff, composed of Orazio and Ketty Molonia, carefully selects all meat and prepares them with great attention towards the Mediterranean gastronomic tradition. A combination of ingredients characterized by freshness and traceability of meat is the reason for the goodness of all gastronomic preparationshandmade skewers.


Skewers of veal, chicken, pork and the delicious Messinesi Braciole

The Little Butcher proposes a triumph of white and red meats first choice together with Sicilian cheeses, typical cold cuts of Norcineria and local gastronomic products. The artisanal production of skewers will make you savor the most tender cuts of sheep meat, bovine o swine in combination with genuine ingredients that enhance its aromas and fragrances. It's still: sausages, bacon, pillow, Salami Sant'angelo and the beloved ones Messina-style cutlets. Many gourmet delicacies are available here that go beyond meat preparations and the tender ones handmade skewers. Among these, the almonds cream e hazelnuts,  suppressed di  Sant'Angelo di Brolo and the wine Nerello Mascalese. There are also numerous liqueurs, such as Malvasia, Limoncello e Rosolio. Good taste, genuine flavors, freshness and traceability are the pillars of this greedy Butcher's shop di Messina.


  • Address: Via Monsignor D'arrigo (Piazza Casa Pia), 35
  • City: Messina
  • Region: ME
  • POSTAL CODE: 98121
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy


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