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Innovative solutions for window frames and doors of your home

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Fixtures and joinery BVL Trabia in Palermo in SS 113 1.228 km snc is specialized in joinery, Door and Iron Machining. You can find numerous innovative and technologically advanced and secure solutions.
Fixtures and windows BVL Trabia - bespoke joinery
One of the strengths of the company BVL Trabia (Palermo), SS 113 1,228 km snc has the ability to request and carry fixtures tailored that fit perfectly to the technical needs and decor of your home. For the supply of fixtures Palermo BVL It is the ideal partner to turn to.
Fixtures and windows BVL Trabia - Repair joinery
If you require interventions repair windows effective please contact the company's engineers BVL SS 113 1,228 km snc in Trabia, near Palermo that with professionalism and speed make repair fixtures at the offices of our clients.
Fixtures and windows BVL Trabia - Iron Works
I ironworks made by the BVL located in Trabia (Palermo), SS 113 1,228 km snc are reliable and elegant solutions from the blacksmiths with a long experience in the field. THE ironworks BVL to adapt to the needs of both domestic, commercial and industrial.
Fixtures and windows BVL Trabia - Tax Deductions
Having windows and quality fixtures means to have a significant energy saving on consumption of their own home, thanks to high performance in terms of thermal and acoustic dispersion. And thanks to the skill and professionalism of BVL Trabia, in the province of Palermo, located in SS 113 1,228 km snc you can access important tax deductions for the replacement of windows and doors of your home.


  • Address: SS113 snc Km 1,228
  • City: Trabia
  • POSTAL CODE: 90019
  • Province: PA
  • Region: Sicily
  • Country: Italy


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